During the dreaded lockdown and due to the horrible lack of occasions, I needed to keep creative and happy. And, thankfully, my Pumpkins were 'born'.

Velvet Pumpkin Pin Cushions

Each one is hand sewn in gorgeous, luxurious velvet. Plumped up nicely with fire retardant hollow fibre and topped with a perfect stalk. Each is unique and individual, made from clay and gold or silver leaf.

I will happily make to order, in pretty much any colour. Velvet Pumpkin Pin Cushions. £20 Each gift box and gift tag. (This includes UK postage) For worldwide shipping, please message me.

Satin Pumpkin Ring Holders

These are slightly larger (approx 14cm tall and 11cm wide) with a longer, straighter stalk. Satin Pumpkin Ring Holders. £30 each, gift wrapped and tags. (This includes UK postage)

 Please see attached gallery for inspiration and email me if you would like to place an order or have further questions etc.

I'd really like to take this opportunity to thank everyone so much for your continued support and encouragement. 

Lots of Lovely Pumpkin Love..

Kate x